About Healthy Enough and Tom Ewer

Hi there! I’m a 28 year old guy from a town in the UK called Rugby. I blog for a living (besides Healthy Enough, you can also find me over at Leaving Work Behind). You can find out more about me here.

My relationship with health and fitness has often been tenuous – I just like food so damned much and exercise often seems like a chore. While I love playing a handful of sports, exercise for the sake of exercising has always felt like an unnecessary hardship to me.

I launched Healthy Enough out of a passion for discovering more about how we can live healthy lives and enjoy ourselves at the same time. I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather write about, and I’ve built up an awesome team of writers around me that feel exactly the same way.

If you’re keen to get started then head over to the archives – there you can browse articles by category, topic and date.