About Healthy Enough

When it comes to dieting, we all know what we need to do: eat less bad stuff, eat more good stuff. It’s a foolproof process if you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices. However, we spend literally billions of dollars on fad diets in the vain hope that they provide the key to sustainable weight loss. We’re looking for a shortcut – an easier way.

Here’s the thing: there is an easier way. The problem is that it’s not profitable. No right-minded capitalist is going to sell a health and fitness regime that isn’t going to make them money. They want to sell books, meal plans, and even the meals themselves.

And that’s why so many of us struggle. In the search for sustainable weight loss, they’re led astray by people (well-intentioned or otherwise) in search of profits.

The unprofitable ‘secret’ to sustainable weight loss is to make subtle and gradual changes to your habits that, over time, enable you to reach a reasonable level of health and fitness without having to make any unmanageable sacrifices.

Healthy Enough is dedicated to advocating the above-described approach to weight loss. The simple purpose of this blog is to offer no-nonsense, practical health and fitness advice with no strings attached, and no ulterior motives. I have nothing to promote, nothing to sell, and nothing to profit from.

In short, at Healthy Enough I talk about win/win health and fitness solutions – i.e. those which have a positive impact on your life while not making you feel like you’re depriving and/or inflicting misery upon yourself.

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About Tom Ewer

Tom EwerHello! My name is Tom Ewer, I’m 32 years old, and I’m from Birmingham in the UK.

My relationship with health and fitness has often been tenuous – I just like food so damned much, and exercise can seem like a chore. While I love playing a handful of sports, exercise for the sake of exercising has always felt like an unnecessary hardship to me.

I launched Healthy Enough out of a passion for discovering more about how we can live healthy lives and enjoy ourselves at the same time. I’m driven by a simple goal: to help as many people as possible to lose weight, get fitter, and feel better about themselves.

It’s important you know (if it’s not already blindingly obvious) that I am far from perfect. I’m not a vegan, I love sugar, and I don’t have six-pack abs. I do however think I’m healthy enough – that I’ve attained a good balance between enjoying my food and taking care of myself. I believe I can help others to feel the same way.

It’s worth mentioning that I have no qualifications relating to health and fitness. I’m just a guy who thinks he can help others. Please read Healthy Enough’s disclaimer for more information.

I wouldn’t blame you for questioning why I’d go to all this effort to help others without there being anything in it for me. The simple truth is that there is something in it for me. I own a relatively successful business (completely unrelated to the health and fitness industry) that pays my bills and enables me to put money aside for retirement. Having achieved the goal of being financially independent, my next goal became clear: to help others. Why? Simple: I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling than knowing that I’ve made a positive impact in people’s lives. The fact that I can dedicate myself to this blog without any concern for its money-making potential puts me in a unique position, and (I believe) enables me to give you the most effective tools for you to become the healthiest version of yourself.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you! Just fire me an email: contact [at] healthyenough [dot] net.