A Brief History of Me

We all have our stories.

A few lucky people have gone through life at their ideal weight, never really understanding what all the fuss is about. The rest of us have a long history of varying weights and sizes, diets and binges, exercise regimes and sedentariness.

In this article I want to share a brief history of my own weight struggles, so you can get a better idea of who you’re dealing with when it comes to the advice that I dish out here on Healthy Enough.


When I was a young kid I was actually pretty thin and sporty. I went to a school that encouraged a lot of physical exercise, and I knew nothing bother than regular exercise.

Unfortunately, it all went wrong when I moved schools at the age of ten. The physical education program at my new school was practically non-existent and I soon became rather chubby (to say the least).

The height of my weight-related shame was when I managed to bend the high jump bar while attempting to clear it in a PE lesson, to the sounds of my fellow pupils chanting “Cheeseburger” (perhaps the most unfortunate nickname I have endured to date).

At the age of around sixteen, standing at perhaps 5’7″ and “chubby” by the kindest of descriptions, I began to accept my fate as a fat person.

Adolescence and Adulthood

Fortunately, genetics threw me a bone and I shot up to 6’2″ in just a few months. Although I was by no means in great shape, my dimensions did level out to what I considered a relatively acceptable state.

From that point onwards I embarked on a journey of weight cycling. Between then and now I have fluctuated from around 180lbs to 210lbs. I have tried everything from Paleo to Primal – anything that I thought held the key to weight loss and long-term weight management.

What I didn’t appreciate for the longest time was that no fad diet or specific “solution” was the key. In reality, there are no miracle shortcuts to looking and feeling good. But on the flip side, you do not need to make great sacrifices in order to gain a greater control over your health and fitness. There’s a middle ground – which I have spent the last couple of years discovering – that represents the closest thing to a “solution” you will find.

What Does This Mean For You?

At the time of writing I stand at just under 200lbs and have been enjoying a period of gradual weight loss (without sacrificing the foods that I love) for many weeks.

This blog is about many things, but if it were to stand for just one thing that would be it: gradual and sacrifice-free weight loss. It is possible and I am a walking, talking example.