How to Chop Fresh Herbs

Many people view herbs as more trouble than they’re worth, but they’re missing out on a world of flavour. While dried herbs are okay (and certainly better than nothing), you cannot beat fresh herbs.

With that in mind, in this brief article I want to reveal the easiest way to chop fresh herbs. I hope that by doing so, you are encouraged to incorporate them into your cooking more often.

For us mere mortals, chopping herbs can be a pain in the arse. We’re not blessed with awesome knife skills, and herbs are fiddly. Fortunately, I have the solution: don’t chop them. Instead, grab your herb of choice in your fist and just start snipping away with a pair of kitchen scissors.

I’m not kidding. Why spend all that time chopping when you can just cut them up easily enough? We’re not trying to prepare gourmet food here – what’s the big deal if your herbs are roughly cut? I like the rustic look. Most of the time, I’ll cut my herbs directly onto the food I’m preparing (or serving). What could be easier?

If you do want to chop your herbs finely, you still don’t need to resort to a knife. Just press your herbs into the bottom of a tall glass, then get your scissors in there and start snipping away. You’ll have a glass full of finely chopped herbs in no time at all. Simple!