How a Positive Self Image Affects Your Health

Being healthy doesn’t mean that you simply need to lose weight. If skinny girls heard this (including myself), we’d all run to the closest fast food chain and stuff ourselves silly, every single day.

How we feel about our bodies is just as important as what is going on in them. You ever see that girl rock that little black dress like no other, or that seemingly ordinary guy who seems to make everyone laugh at his jokes?

Yup, you guessed it. They have a positive self image of themselves.

By this point you’re probably thinking, just how does a positive self image help with being healthy? Gosh, what do you think I’m writing this blog post for?

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The 10 Proven Benefits of Coconut Oil (You’ll Really Like Number 3)

Every now and again, a ‘super food’ or new fad arrives in our super market aisles that equally interests and baffles us. New, tasty ways of giving our bodies what they need is an exciting discovery for us healthy (or wannabe healthy!) types.

One new ‘super’ on the block is coconut oil. When researching this article, I came across pages and pages of information, with writers raving about it. And I agree – I’ve personally found coconut oil to be fantastic for cooking and beauty uses; ranging from making an excellent sweet-based curry to providing me with a natural and cheap facial scrub.

But what about the proven benefits of coconut oil? For something that is so versatile and seemingly can be used for everything, I want to know if I really should be lathering my face with the oil that I associate more with frying my onions. Plus, should I be eating this amount of fat in my every-day diet? What about the claims that it can help me to lose weight?

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How Your iPod Can Make You Stronger

If you go to any gym these days (perish the thought), chances are you will see that the vast majority of people are wearing headphones. And while most people may think that listening to music while exercising is great for passing time and breaking up the boredom, it actually has a much stronger effect that few are aware of.

Listening to music during exercise can have multiple performance benefits and can give you that extra boost you sometimes need.

In fact, music can be so powerful that wearing headphones and using mobile music devices was banned by the national governing body for running, USA Track & Field, because of the competitive advantage it gives runners.

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Can You Really Trick Yourself Into Exercising?

It’s okay to loathe exercise.

Sometimes all we want to do is sleep in that extra five minutes, or even look up just one more Facebook status. It’s totally understandable.

But you vividly remember that high you felt after a sweaty workout, or that feeling like you have more energy throughout the day. You probably noticed that you slept better and woke up even before your alarm clock went off.

You’re tired of fighting your inner demons, who tell you it’s okay to sit on that couch.

So what should you do?

You can force yourself to exercise, only to rebel a few days later. Or you can ‘trick’ yourself into exercising. Don’t think of this a negative thing. Rather, view it as setting up systems in order to keep motivating you to exercise.

So what are some ways you can trick yourself into exercising?

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How to Become a Better Version of Yourself

One of the top three reasons why people don’t exercise is simply because they hate exerting themselves. Exertion to a hater is true hell. Especially when you ascribe exertion to a laborious effort. Ptwey!

I see this all the time in my movement studio. In the 15 years I’ve had my studio, there has been more than a fair share of folks who truly dislike exercise.

Maybe that’s you. So let’s take a step back.

The first thing I would posit is to shift the way you look at it, or even talk about it.

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How To Break Bad Habits

Whether you’re old, young, short, tall, rich or poor, you’ll have to break a bad habit at some point in your life.

I’ve been trying to stop biting my nails pretty much since I started – probably when I cut my first tooth – and now at the ripe old age of 23, I alternate between having beautifully manicured nails and bitten off stubs; all depending on how stressed I am at any given moment.

Ah well, we can’t have it all.

However, I’m sure that the majority of us have made some healthier substitutions to our diets and methods of cooking at some point in our lives, because we’ve realized that “the way Mom always did it” may not be the best way for our waistlines.

Picking up habits from our parents or other relatives means that we often don’t see the cooking methods or eating habits that we perceive as totally ‘average’ or ‘normal’ could actually be doing us more harm than good.

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How to Lose Weight While Keeping Both Your Body and Mind Happy

Our bodies start from weighing 8lbs on average, then grow into a completely different adult form and can last up to (and even beyond) a hundred years. They house a variety of intertwined organs and  tick along without us even consciously thinking about it. It’s pretty incredible.

Our minds are as equally fascinating. That squishy brain of yours has lobes, arteries and veins, plus the ability to form a personality, control emotions and store vital information. As well as memories of pointless YouTube cat videos and internet memes, but you get the idea.

The reason I’m praising both body and mind is that they go so well together. What your mind tells you to feel, your body will feel.

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Having Trouble Losing Weight? Sleep More!

One of the basic premises of Healthy Enough is to simplify the highly complex world of nutrition and exercise in order to help you understand that becoming healthier doesn’t have to be so darn complicated.

There are literally thousands of different diets, programs, and products that are specifically designed to help you lose weight, which can be extremely confusing to navigate through to determine what works and what doesn’t.

There are so many different ways to lose weight that it can be overwhelming. But fortunately there is one variable that does not change and is the easiest for you to control. Your sleep.

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How to Turn Your Childhood Hobby Into a Doable Fitness Routine

I’m going to admit something pretty embarrassing here: I’ve been a slug. For years. I’m a freelance writer by day (and often, by night) and that means a lot of time spent with my butt planted firmly in a chair. As you can imagine, if you maintain a few years of that sort of sedentary lifestyle, you’re destined for an express ticket to flabby central.

That’s not to say I haven’t tried. Because I have. Several times, in fact. I tried Pilates. I tried yoga. I tried running. I tried aerobics videos. And I’d stick to each plan for a few weeks then fall off the wagon. Hard. I’d never commit to a routine long enough for it to become habit.

I’ve always thought it’s because I was too lazy. But upon reflection, I don’t it’s that at all.

None of those fitness plans worked for me because of one simple fact.

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The Role of Water in Weight Loss

There are a bunch of reasons as to why you should drink more water — not the least the fact that around 60% of your body is made up of the stuff. It stands to reason that you should keep your levels topped up. But for the purposes of this article, you should drink more water because it encourages weight loss and increases satiety.

One study conducted at Virginia Tech offers evidence of water’s weight loss effects. The following is a paraphrased summary of that study courtesy of Wikipedia:

Davy et al. took a group of 48 overweight and obese Americans aged 55 to 75 who were considered inactive and divided them randomly into two equal-sized groups. The control group followed a calorie-controlled diet equating to approximately 1,500 calories per day for the men and 1,200 calories per day for the women. The second group followed exactly the same diet but drank 500ml of water before each meal. Both groups kept up the diet for 12 weeks.

Although both groups lost weight on average, the water-drinking group lost about 5lbs more on average (an 30% increase in weight loss). Because the water-drinking group reported feeling both more full and less hungry, the researchers believe that the water acts to suppress appetite.

Subjective effects also reported by the water-drinking group were feeling less hungry, having a clearer mind and a better ability to think. There were no negative effects reported.

While this study is far from perfect (for instance, the sample size and physiology of the subjects is limited), it does point towards the positive effects of drinking plenty of water. Furthermore, the study is backed up by an enormous volume of anecdotal evidence of the benefits of water consumption on weight loss.

Finally, drinking water prior to meals is advised in order that you do not confuse thirst signals with hunger signals. In my experience, it also encourages you eat less than you might otherwise.

So go ahead – drink more water. What have you got to lose?