Should You Believe Everything That Doctors Say on TV?

You see them everywhere. You recognize their names. And yes, they’re some of the most influential people you know.

These are what some like to call celebrity doctors, who have millions of followers that hang onto their every word. Whether or not it is deserved, these people are widely respected for their “wisdom.”

Celebrity doctors are not going away anytime soon, as the medical industry draws of tens of millions people in each year. Here at Healthy Enough (including yours truly), we watch some of these celebrities on TV and other forms of media every day.

Does that mean we should take all of their advice to heart? In other words, are celebrity doctors all they’re cracked up to be?

Before we dive into this question, let’s figure out why they’re so darned irresistible in the first place.

Why Are Celebrity Doctors So Popular?

They have presence.

Any successful doctor celebrity is putting on a performance. They have a commanding voice and speak sensationally.  I dare you to watch an episode and try not to hear the words “quick results”, “unbelievable findings”, and “miraculous cure”.  Sometimes, they go so far as to make viewers believe that all cures work for everyone, and that every medical problem has a solution attached to it.

They seem like they truly believe in what they preach. Or, for the skeptics out there, they can pretend they believe it. So many of these doctors spread hope amongst us, and deliver promises (whether or not that is their intention) that sound nothing short of miraculous. People who watch these shows regularly notice that they provide the best, and most times, the easiest to achieve the results they want.

Can We Believe Them?

Maybe. (You didn’t expect me to give you a simple answer, did you?).

For one, we want so badly for what the doctors are saying to be true. We want so badly for those quick fixes to work, whether it’s our low energy levels or high cholesterol levels.  If there’s a product displayed in front of us and it comes with promises of a cure you’re desperately seeking to find, why wouldn’t you jump all over it?

We also want these solutions to work to because we like the people who are telling us that these so-called ‘miracle cures’ can actually cure us. Who wouldn’t want to watch a good-looking person who happens to be charismatic and seem to truly care about our health?

Whether or not these products work, these doctors are making money off you. Some even have their own line of products that they push in media outlets. One such doctor likes to harp on conspiracy theories which questions the traditional medical industry and navigates fans to his products, which are – of course – much better.

I bet you’re not surprised to learn that many of these doctors have their own line of products or get some sort of kickbacks from promoting products on media. Not only that, but many of these doctors want you to go to their website, where they get paid per page view. Yup, you guessed it – they have tons of ads on their website.

That’s not to say that doctor celebrities are all that bad.  You do have to remember that most of them were practicing physicians (and some currently still are) and do have some credibility. And while their advice isn’t for everyone, they probably aren’t basing it off of heresy alone.

So What Does This Mean?

It simply means that you cannot be blind about your health.

While there are many authority figures that might have some legitimate claims or solutions, it doesn’t mean it’s always the right one for you. Sure, these doctors’ claims may be legitimate, but you can’t simply hear what you want to hear, or believe what you want to believe.

The next time you hear of the latest miracle cure, do some research. Ask the advice or opinion or your doctor, or a trusted professional. Make sure you have all the tools necessary to make an informed decision.

Oh, and advice that claims it’ll cure you quickly and easily? It probably isn’t true.